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Speak Out! is a social services website indexing and collecting Crime reports. This platform allows you to report several types of crimes : Abuse, Violence, Theft, Stigmatization and Corruption using our Hotline and Anonymous forms.
Thanks to these reports, we can nail the perpetrators and facilitate your healing as well as seek for justice.
Whether you are victim, Scam Baiter or just someone who is fed up with the crimes being commited, Speak Out will give you the opportunity to publicly report crimes in order to help to fight all crimes !

  • Report Crimes.
  • Get Justice.
  • Choose to be Anonymous.
  • Get Therapy.
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Why Choose Speak Out?

We do not give a deaf ear to your reports and we ensure that you get justice at all costs and facilitate the healing process for Mental Health Issues.

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We serve you 24/7: No employee will do that


Offering 24/7 service online. Ease of access to sevices and information channeling communication and faster response time.

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We ensure you remain anonymous when you choose to do so.